Powerful, seamless integrations

Integrate effortlessly with a wide range of platforms including Google, Microsoft, Okta, and more. Streamline team synchronization and secure your workflows with gospace AI.

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Gospace AI's comprehensive integrations offer industry-wide platform support, empowering your organization to synchronize your existing systems effortlessly. By leveraging client-owned credentials, we ensure a personalized and secure experience. Whether connecting with Google Workspace, Microsoft, Okta, Meraki, or other leading platforms, gospace AI's seamless integrations align with your unique business needs, fostering collaboration, transparency, and efficiency across your enterprise.


Connect your existing Microsoft account

Leverage the power of gospace AI's integration with Microsoft to synchronize people and teams seamlessly. By utilizing your own client-owned API keys, maintain control and consistency across your organization, ensuring a streamlined collaboration and alignment tailored to your unique business needs.

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