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Locate, collaborate, innovate.

GoSpace automatically and intelligently optimises your real estate in real-time. It allows FM teams to rapidly evolve workplaces that match the dynamic needs of their workforce, actual utilisation data and overarching business goals. Using GoSpace increases productivity, actively encourages collaboration and optimises valuable real estate.


Far more than simply CAFM software

GoSpace is a cloud-based service that makes optimising workspaces faster, simpler and more successful. By combining your existing data on both people and buildings, GoSpace uses powerful AI technology to optimise space based on metrics and business goals that you define.

The result is a fully assigned space that responds to the specific needs of your business. Its real-time interface allows users to instantly evaluate and initiate complex reorganisation strategies drastically reducing time and costs. Instead of lagging behind front-end business objectives, your facilities become a strategic partner in driving change, innovation and profit.


The benefits of GoSpace


 Take control of your real estate

GoSpace puts you back in charge of your real estate, drastically reducing the time and effort needed to initiate change, and removing the need to rely on expensive external consultants.

A better alternative to hot-desking

There is finally an alternative to hot desking. GoSpace seating assignments change in response to strategy and actual use data meaning team spaces are assigned based on the current number of members and their desk usage. Assigned desks evolve over time to keep real estate optimised.

 Optimise your most valuable assets

GoSpace rapidly consolidates underutilised desk space – allowing space to be repurposed, while insuring collaborative team co-locations are maximised.

 All the tools to implement change

GoSpace automatically generates move packs, giving staff all the information they need to seamlessly relocate.


How GoSpace works

GoSpace creates a dynamic map of a building’s space by combining and overlaying existing people and building data. It does this by seamlessly integrating with existing enterprise software platforms – such as Archibus and Asana – to develop plans that respond to the needs of your people and your buildings.


How to get started


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