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Locate, collaborate, innovate.

GoSpace AI automatically and intelligently re-assigns dedicated team office space in real-time. It allows building operators to rapidly evolve workplaces that match the dynamic needs of their users, actual utilisation data and new collaborations. Using GoSpace increases productivity, actively encourages innovation and optimises valuable real estate.


AI Space Management Software

GoSpace - The first AI powered solution to manage dedicated office space for teams.

Hot-desking is not for everyone, in fact the truth is 80% of office tenants need dedicated team space on flexible terms.

Unlike hot-desking, where tenants fill in the utilisation gaps, making the building operators' job a breeze, efficiently managing dedicated team space is very difficult.  In order to remain responsive to changing team needs, operators are forced to maintain a 20% empty space buffer.  The inability to efficiently respond to change forces them to demand longer lease lengths and ultimately results in higher prices for tenants looking for flexible terms.

Using GoSpace AI, operators can not only continuously fill that 20% buffer space, they can dynamically respond to changing needs, removing the response time lag, which can account for further 20% of space sitting un-occupied.

All in all, GoSpace AI enables operators to support existing occupancy with, at minimum, 30% less space whilst empowering them to offer more competitive and flexible pricing on dedicated office space.


The benefits of GoSpace


Flexibility does not need to cost more

It used to be that if a tenant wanted to save money on office space they had to commit to a longer lease, effectively reducing the operators' exposure.  GoSpace AI empowers operators to embrace change, and offer one price independent of term length.

Dedicating space does not have to reduce the buzz

 Typically, dedicating space to teams, means on any given day there is a lot of empty desks and the energy of co-working quickly dissipates.  GoSpace incrementally re-assigns to keep collaborators close, and the density and energy high.

More than mapping use data - actionable solutions

GoSpace AI simultaneously tracks all desk assignments and makes sure each team has the perfect fit.  Teams are encouraged to change their forward projections any time they like. When desk sensor data is utilised, GoSpace AI automatically recommends solutions.  

 Cloud based and intuitive

GoSpace is cloud based and very intuitive to use. As desk assignments are incrementally evolved, GoSpace automatically issues simple re-assignment information to ensure teams can seamlessly adopt change with minimal disruption to business.


GoSpace is currently working with a select group of initial clients and plans to launch the platform in 2019.


We would however be pleased to provide you with more information on the incredible power of GoSpace AI.  Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

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